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How Was the Cone Crusher Introduced into China

2015/1/20 1:01:50

As for the crushing machine, it was the jaw crusher that was firstly introduced into China. Then a variety of crushing machines have been introduced in Chins. Compared with the development of the other crushing machines in China, the development of the cone crusher is kind of late. There wasn’t a real Chinese crushing machine until the 1950s. Therefore, most of the crushing and screening equipment were produced in China in the 1950s. Before the 1980s, the things that the homemade cone crusher can crush were the materials of the medium hardness, such as coal, limestone, and so on. At the end of the 80s, the KHD hard rock cone crusher was introduced into China, which could deal with the problem that we hadn’t known so much about the production technology of the cone crusher. But, at that time, we had lagged behind the other nations for more than 20 years. At the beginning, the plate hammer, the core part of the homemade hard rock cone crusher, was introduced from foreign countries.

However, during the eighth five-year plan, to produce the homemade plate hammer had been listed as the ministerial scientific research project. After the success of the project, the homemade plate hammer can not only replace the imported one, but also can be exported into foreign countries like Japan, and the countries in Europe and America. The production of the wear-resistant materials is beneficial to the production of the hard rock cone crusher. For example, in order to increase the quality of the road construction in our country, the scientific research project to produce the concrete crushing station for road construction was suggested by the department of transportation in our country, which was listed as the scientific research project during the eighth five-year plan. The project failed in a construction site in northeast China. However, later, the client decided to use the hard rock cone crusher instead to produce stone materials. It turned out that the produced stone materials totally met the requirement of the concrete for the expressway nonslip road surface. Since then, the hard rock cone crusher has been well-known. It has been regarded as a necessity for road construction. According to a survey, hard rock cone crushers have been used as the stone materials production equipment for road surface in the provinces all over China. It is used to crush the basalt whose compression strength is 300MPa and other hard materials. Recently, there are 400 hard rock cone crushers in use in many areas, which can not only deal with a puzzle in the expressway construction, but also can reduce the imports.

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