Rubber-tyred Mobile Crusher VS Crawler Mobile Crusher

May 28, 2015

The portable crushers can be divided into rubber-tyred mobile crushers and crawler mobile crushers. The two kinds of portable crushers have lots of common features:

Firstly, the flexible mechanical mobile crusher can reach the mining site directly, which is not influenced by the changes of different sites. It can be in the operation just after the short-time location adjustment. Secondly, it is of high adaptability, which means it can adapt to a variety of environments. The production method of it is of the integration operation without any building foundations, which can decrease the cost of investment. Thirdly, .the mobile crusher of complete functions can be equipped with the according equipment according to the actual production requirement of the client. It can be regarded as a production line, including the feeder machine, crushing machine, conveyor machine, and so on. Finally, it can be driven to the mining site, which can decrease the cost of transportation. And it doesn’t need to transport the material to the working site. Then the material can be crushed. But, by the mobile crusher, the cost of the transportation of the material can be decreased a lot.

What mentioned above are the common advantages of the rubber-tyred mobile crusher and the crawler mobile crusher. Apart from these common features. Both of them also have their own unique advantages. The rubber-tyred mobile crusher is vehicle-mounted. It can meet the maneuverability requirement in the working site or on the road. However, the chassis of the crawler mobile crusher is of the fully rigid crawler hull structure, which is of high intensity, low ground bearing, and nice maneuverability. It is of a nice adaptability to hilly areas and wetlands. It even can be in operation while climbing up a hill.

The mobile crusher is welcomed by increasing clients because it can lower the production cost for the client to the largest extent, which is an economical and integrative choice. Its advantages can be embodied completely in the actual production process. The design concept can totally eliminate the obstacles and difficulties for clients, including the crushing site, environment, complex building foundation configuration and material transportation. The mobile crusher can truly offer the cost-effective project to you. If you want to build a complete crushing production line, the mobile crusher will be a nice choice, which can save time, money, and effort. The only thing you have to do is to tell Fote your production requirement. Our engineers will design the customized mobile crushing station for you, which can meet your requirement mostly.

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