The Advantages and Benefits of PYD Cone Crusher

December 19, 2014

The PYD cone crusher is a kind of cone crusher, which can be applied to fine crushing. Cone crushers are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, road construction, chemistry industry.

The PYD cone crusher is applied to crush various ore and rock whose hardness is higher than the middle hardness. It has many advantages like reliable structure, high productivity. And it is convenient for user to adjust and it is economical. The spring safe system is an overload protection device, which can make the metallic particles go through the crushing cavity and not break the machine. The PYD cone crusher adopts two kinds of sealing types that it can be sealed by grease or water, which can separate stone powder and grease in order to guarantee the reliable operation of the PYD cone crusher. The applications of ore determine the type of the crushing cavity of a cone crusher. The PYB cone crusher is applied to the secondary crushing, the PYZ cone crusher is applied to the fine crushing, while the PYD cone crusher is applied to the ultra fine crushing.

The reform of the crushing cavity of the PYD cone crusher:

There used to be three open crushing processes of iron pyrite. The jaw crusher is used as the coarse crushing machine, while the PYB cone crusher is used as the secondary crushing machine, and the PYD cone crusher as the fine crushing machine. Since the investment and production of this kind of crushing process, the finished products still have not meet the requirement of the design. Besides, there always be blocking in the fine crushing process. And its crushing efficiency and the load rate of the equipment are very low. In order to deal with this problem, we have seriously analyzed the structure of the crushing machine. Finally, we decided to install the fixed cone lining plate in the cone crusher used for fine crushing. And we turn the crushing process of three sections into that of two sections. Meanwhile, in the coarse crushing process, the size of the outlet of the cone crusher is set to 60-70mm, while the outlet size is set to 8-12mm in the fine crushing process. After 8 months, the production practice proves that our this reform is a successful one:

1. The particle size of the finished products is 15mm. The ore content has increased by 30%-40%. And the output of the grinding machine has accordingly increased by 18%. The total power consumption in the mineral processing process has decreased by 3-4 °/per ton of the raw ore.

2. In the fine crushing process, the inlet has been enlarged so that it can deal with the blocking problem. There are standby equipment in the fine crushing process. Besides, 1000kg lubricant can be saved yearly.

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