The Differences between the High-frequency Screen and the Common Vibrating Scree

June 07, 2016

Before you get to know the differences between the high-frequency screen and the common vibrating screen, you firstly have to briefly know what is the high-frequency screen and the application range and the structure of the high-frequency screen.

The high-frequency screen is one kind of the vibrating equipment, which has high working efficiency, low amplitude, high screening frequency. It is the efficient equipment used to screen and separate the material of fine particles so that it is widely used in ore dressing plants to screen and separate iron ore, tin, and so on. The high-frequency screen consists of some components, including the exciter, ore pulp distributor, screen frame, rack, hanging spring, and the sieve, and so on. The differences between the high-frequency screen and the common vibrating screen are as follows:

1. The high-frequency screen is of high efficiency, low amplitude, and high screening frequency. Besides, its working principle is different from that of the other common vibrating screens. The high frequency of it can break the tension of the surface of the ore pulp and can make the material of fine particles vibrate on the surface of the sieve at a high speed. Then, it can create a nice separation condition.

2. Compared with the common vibrating screens, the high-frequency screen adopts the vibration motor with two opposite poles, the rotating speed of which is more than 2800r/min. Besides, only one layer of this kind of vibration motor can be hung on the machine. However, the common vibrating screen adopts the vibration motor with two pairs of two opposite poles or three pairs of two opposite poles. Six layers of it can be set on the machine.

3. The installation structure of the motor of the high-frequency screen is also different from that of the others. The vibration motor of the common vibrating screen is installed on a tray. However, the one of the high-frequency screen is hung on one side of the screen body. Besides, there is a kind of linear-type high-frequency screen, the structure of which is the same as that of the common linear vibrating screen. But, it adopts the vibration motor with two opposite poles. Besides, the ultrasonic system can be installed on the high-frequency vibrating screen rather than the common vibrating screen because the common ultrasonic screen is different from the high-frequency in the processing material and the particle size of the final product.

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