The Features and Application of the Rod Mill

May 10, 2015

The rod mill has many features. For example, the particle size of its finished products is uniform. There are less coarse and big particles and slime. The rod mill has the alternative function of crushing coarse particles and protecting fine particles. All these are due to the working features of the rods during the crushing process. However, the alternative crushing function of the ball mill is bad and the particle size of its finished products isn’t uniform. There are many too coarse and too fine particles.

According to the crushing features of the ball mill and the rod mill, we can get the application range of the rod mill:

1. The rod mill can be used in the gravity separation plants or magnetic separation plants of rare metal minerals like tungsten-tin ore. In order to prevent some valuable minerals from being crushed excessively, the rod mill is often used in the coarse grinding process because it does not grind ore excessively.

2. Under some situation, the rod mill, instead of the PYD cone crusher, can be used to conduct fine crushing process. If the PYD cone crusher is used to fine crush softer or not too hard ore, especially the very sticky ore with a lot of mud, there will be lot of dust and it will make the machine get stuck. However, if you adopt the rod mill at this time, it can turn the ore of 20-30mm to 6-10 meshes, which can not only lower the cost but also can simplify the fine crushing and dust collecting process. In this case, if we adopt the PYD cone crusher and the screen machine in a closed circuit to grind ore, the cost will be large and, in the fine crushing process, the machine will get stuck badly. As for crushing hard ore, it should be determined according to the concrete situation to design the project whether we adopt the rod mill or the combination of the PYD cone crusher and the screen machine in a closed circuit.

3. When the rod mill is used in coarse grinding process, the particle size of its finished products is 3-1mm. The productivity of a rod mill is higher than that of a ball mill, which is of the same specification of the rod mill. But, when the rod mill is used in fine grinding process, if the required particle size of the finished products is less than 0.5mm, the productivity of the rod mill is lower than that of the ball mill of the same specification of the rod mill.

The handling capacity of the rod mill is small and the application range of it is not wide. Thus, the demand of it is less than that of the ball mill. But, in some special situation, the rod mill is irreplaceable. In the market, there are many rod mill manufacturers. The rod mill, made by Fote Heavy Machinery, has a longer service life and higher efficiency.

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