The Replacement and Repair of the Parts of the Impact Crusher

September 24, 2016

There are three major quick-wear parts of the impact crusher, which are the plate hammer, lining plate, and the bearing. When the quick-wear parts of it are being replaced, the back and upper rack should be opened firstly. The bolts used to connect the back and upper rack and the middle machine body should be discharged. Then, the upper rack can be opened slowly.

At the same time, the back rack can be hung with the hoisting set above the rack. The process mentioned above should be repeated then the back and upper rack can be closed. As for the replacement of the plate hammer of the impact crusher, if its plate hammer has been worn to some extent, it should be adjusted or replaced immediately for fear of the damage of the fasteners with other parts. As for the replacement of its lining plate, the back and upper rack should be opened and some parts used to fasten the impact plate should be discharged, including the cotters, slotted nuts, and bolts. In this way, the worn impact plate can be replaced. If you want to install a new impact plate, you can conduct the process mentioned above reversely in time. The bearing of the impact crusher should be checked seriously. It should be checked whether there is too much or not enough grease of it. If the bearing has been cleaned, the grease should be replaced. If the bearing has been damaged, it should be replaced. To replace the bearing of the impact crusher plays a very important role in the sand production line. In the usage process, it should be maintained and repaired in time to deal with the problems early for fear of severer loss due to small faults in order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the sand production line.

It is probable for the plate hammer and the impact plate of the impact crusher to be worn so that they should be maintained usually. Recently, in China, the plate hammer and impact plate are mainly made from high manganese steel. Because different manufacturers have different heating processes and materials, the service life of the impact crushers are different. In China, low-alloy white cast iron and high chromium iron have been adopted to produce plate hammer, which is of high hardness, nice wear resistance, simple production process, low cost, which has obtained nice effect. The shape and the fixing method of the plate hammer are the important elements for the maintenance. The plate hammer with proper shape is convenient for the discharge and installation and can increase the metal use ratio. The quality of the plate hammer should be guaranteed, the error of which must not exceed 0.5kg, in order to ensure the stable operation of the machine. Besides, the rotating speed of the rotor should be examined often.

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