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The Solution of the Increase of the Temperature of the Mobile Crushing Station

2017/10/21 10:14:56

The mobile crushing station is a kind of important ore crushing and screening equipment. Compared with the other common ore crushing machines, the mobile crushing station has good property, which is applied to conduct the operation in the quite bad environment. It has been appreciated by lots of users. Here, Fote will remind users to notice the exception of the temperature of the mobile crushing station.

As is known to all, after the long-time usage of a machine, the temperature of it will increase abnormally. As for the mobile crushing station, a large-scale ore processing equipment, the abnormal increase of its temperature will have a great influence on it. Then, what are the reasons for the increase of its temperature and what are the solutions for that?

In the high-duty operation of the mobile crushing station, the bearing is the key component for the operation. If the temperature of the bearing of the crushing machine is excessively high, it may be because of the too tight belt of the crushing machine. In this case, the belt can be adjusted properly by loosening it a little. Besides, there are some other causes of the exception of the temperature of the mobile crushing station, which are as follows:

It should be checked whether the amount of the lubricant inside the crushing cavity is enough. If not, it can be cleaned firstly and some lubricant is added into it. It also should be checked whether the lubricating hole gets stuck by some useless matters like dust, which may cause that the added lubricant can not reach the part which should be lubricated, which will also lead to the increase of the temperature of the bearing. Finally, the tightness of the bearing cap and the bearing should be examined because it will affect the operation of the equipment if they are too tight or too loose.

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