The Type and Property of the Sieve of the Screen Machine

November 15, 2016

The sieve is a key component of a screen machine, which touches the material directly. Its property has an influence on the productivity and the screening efficiency of the machine and it has a great significance in prolonging the service life of the screen machine, increasing the running rate, and in lowering the production cost. There are strict requirements of the sieve of a screen machine, such as strong mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance. Besides, it should have the biggest porosity and it should not be easy to get stuck. The material should touch the sieve pores frequently while it is moving on the machine.

The bigger the porosity is, the more probable it is for the particles to get through the sieve pores, which can increase the productivity and the screening rate per unit area. The porosity is related to the shape of the sieve pore and the diameter of the sieve wire. With the decrease of the diameter of the sieve wire, the porosity will be increased. However, the service life of the sieve can not be prolonged if the diameter of the sieve wire is too small.

The sieve is made from a kind of material, which has many properties, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and so on. The sieve made from high-carbon steel should be adopted when the screen machine is used to screen the material of big blocks while the one made from high manganese steel should be adopted if there is some severe impact on the sieve. When the sieve is being produced by these materials it must be processed by quenching in order to increase the hardness and wear resistance of it. In general, it is more proper to adopt the sieve made from stainless steel when it is in the wet screening operation, such as dehydration, desliming, etc.

In general, there are five types of the sieve, including the plate-shaped sieve, the weaved sieve, bar-shaped one, rod-shaped one, and the non-metal one. Different kinds of sieves have different applications. Generally, the sieve is selected according to the particle size of the material and the requirement of the screening process.

The degree of tension of the sieve has an extremely great influence on the service life of the sieve. The fixed methods of different kinds of sieves are different, which can be divided into four types. It can be fixed with wedges, drag hooks, bolts, or sloping plates.

We suggest that you should select different sieves according to different screening processes, which can prolong the service life of the sieve and can greatly increase the productivity. If you have any questions during the usage process of the machine, you’re welcomed to call us at +86-371-69606666. We will provide you with the professional service sincerely.

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