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Why Is the Adjusting Ring of the Cone Crusher Loose?

2017/9/12 17:05:04

The cone crusher is a kind of special ore crushing equipment, which is a mining processing machinery often equipped with the jaw crusher in the gravel production line. The cone crusher is generally used to conduct the fine crushing operation in the gravel production line so that it is a very important ore processing equipment.

As a professional ore processing equipment manufacturer, Fote reminds you that the probable damage of the cone crusher in the ore crushing process should be noticed a lot. Next, Fote will tell you the reason why the adjusting ring of the cone crusher is loose.

There are some main causes of the loose adjusting ring of the cone crusher. The worn support sleeve or the worn adjusting sleeve’s thread may lead to the loose adjusting ring. In the operation of the cone crusher, the adjusting cap or the diagonal iron key is not fastened completely, which will cause that the adjusting ring is loose. If the size of the outlet of the cone crusher is too big or too small, the adjusting ring will also be loose.

Besides, if the concave wall and the crushing wall of the cone crusher are too thick, the adjusting ring will be loose. If the cone crusher is still in the operation when the pull rod of the adjusting cap is broken, the adjusting ring will be loose. All mentioned above are the causes of the loose adjusting ring of the cone crusher. Do not cause that the cone crusher can not be in normal operation.

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